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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  November 19, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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a bright moon on a chilly night. what about the weekend? the new starts now. 100 burglaries, and the police have their man. how they caught him. one house, 100 cats, and fast action taken tonight. and why this discovery could solve another mystery. plus, the tickets that cost a local woman hundreds. >> i came outside and i had a ticket saying now was parked on an emergency route. >> this was only the beginning of the problem, and 7 on your side got involved. captioned by the national captioning institute a crime spree in it least
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two virginia counties left behind more than 100 victims, but the police caught the serial burglar in maryland. richard reeve has more. >> you remember how this series of burglaries stymied everyone, including the police. nobody could figure out who this guy was. at a traffic stop changed everything. in this quiet potomac neighborhood, relief that accused serial burglar brad edmonds is under arrest. the police arrested adman's early wednesday after a burglary task force surveillance team -- the police arrested brad edmonds of early wednesday after a burglary task force surveillance team spotted him breaking into a vehicle. this potomac resident had her home burglarized recently. >> everything was there except my purse.
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>> court documents paint a broader story. fairfax county police are alerted to a suspicious vehicle in a neighborhood with numerous break-ins stop the driver on november 8. >> don't know what he is thinking or doing. >> he remained under surveillance in two counties after his arrest. after recovering stolen items in his oxon hill apartment, the police think he is linked with over 100 burglaries in northern virginia. >> you never know who is who. >> i think it is one of those awful things or you cannot feel like your kids are safe or your family is safe. >> a lot of concern in those neighborhoods. the police took a hard look at his criminal record, including a burglary and theft conviction back in 1994. he faces burglary and weapons charges and is being held in montgomery county.
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live for montgomery county, richard reeve, abc 7 news. new details on a developing story from the district. the assistant police chief diane groomes released a statement hours after being placed on administrative leave. she says, "i am storsorry estatr my actions and bad judgment." an accusation was made that she was involved in compromising a test. cynne simpson has been working on the store and will have a live report with reaction in about six minutes -- she has been working on that story and will have a live report with reaction in about six minutes. there was a fight on a metro bus near north capitol and each street. a 17-year-old boy began
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elbowing a female passenger. the bus driver asked the teenager to stop and pulled the bus over. the 17-year-old is in custody after taking a swing at the driver. disturbing scene in fairfax county. >> animal control removed as many as 100 cats from the house of filth. workers have been working in the 7100 block of alleged drive in annandale, where john gonzalez has the latest. >> the owner of the home and annandale runs a cat rescue program. the neighbors say they have donated food, money, and supplies, but they never expected with the police found inside tonight, 100 cats taken out of here. they are all being treated before they can be replaced and adopt it. -- and adopted.
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one by one, the cats were removed, many of them very ill. the owner was also forced out. >> their intent was pure, but agassi got to a level where intervention needed to occur. >> investigated deplorable conditions with the foster care program when they made the troubling discovery. they had to call the fire department to assess the quality of the air and ventilate before they could go in. >> when you are trying to maintain 100 cats and a small environment, it is very difficult to keep that claim. >> officers with animal control dressed in hazmat gear, blocking off the road. throughout the night, the cats were placed in trailers in front of the house. >> we did not want to contaminate cats at the animal shelter or fetid every clinic.
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-- at the animal shelter or veterinary clinic. >> this neighbor wonders if her cats are in this trailer. am i searched everywhere thinking he may have been hit by a car. i tried various things but i never talk to her. >> the police say at least half of the cats are in poor condition. the owner who was put up in a hotel tonight was slapped with an unfit petition and what have to go to criminal courts. more charges including animal cruelty could follow. john gonzalez, abc 7 news. a judge gave a federal officer probation before judgment and a shooting of a siberian husky in severn, md. that means his records will be erased once he meets the terms of the probation. officer claimed he shot the dog
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because he was threatened. the animal had to later be euthanize. bob ryan has a first look at the forecast. >> is a clear and beautiful night. the temperatures already below freezing in martinsburg, the belfort furniture weather center. with a clear, starry skies, it is cold, but a lot of sunshine. at all about that and the big travel day wednesday. -- all about that and the big travel day wednesday. another twist in the troubled many face with the tsa screening guidelines. the incoming house of representatives speaker john boehner did not have to go through metal detectors and hand inspections before a flight from our area to ohio. a spokesman for him said the same exception applies to other congressional leaders.
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airline pilots did not have to go through the new procedures. tsa has been criticized for the new screenings and pet-downs. -- patdowns. the police are closing many roads because of the fannie mae help the homeless walk. independence avenue will be closed from fourth street to 17th street southwest. in just over five hours, the leader of the washington catholic archdiocese will join an elite group within the church. pope benedict the 16 -- pope benedict xvi will designate archbishop worluerhel as a
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cardinal. abc 7 will have extensive coverage of the ceremony and reaction on abc 7 news after tomorrow night's football game between florida state and maryland. 7 on your side with the story of a district woman who successfully fights a big parking ticket and months later the district has not paid her back. the february blizzard is to blame for the nightmare. >> the snow came, i left my car there. i came out around 6:00 and had a ticket. >> between snowstorms, the second snow storm brought her a $250 ticket. >> i never knew i was on a snow emergency route. >> there are a lot of street signs, handicapped parking, two-
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hour parking, no parking on tuesday's because of street cleaning, over here no parking on wednesdays because of street cleaning, but there is not a snow emergency signed. where is it? >> you tell me. >> she paid, but she appealed. >> i don't see it yet. >> we went looking for the sign. we spent a lot of time. then we spot at 1. -- then we spotted one. the ticket was dismissed and she was due a refund. four months after the storm, she was promised she would get hurt too high $50 back in four-six weeks. -- that she would get her $250 back in four-six weeks. after six months of waiting -- >> i never got a refund. >> last week, look what came in the mail, her refund check. >> thank you, 7 on your side.
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>> kris van cleave, abc 7 news. coming up, the i had 2.0. the big upgrade come to the popular device. >> reality television, but tonight the question sarah palin will not answer in her new book. >> a d.c. assistant police chief is in hot water, but the committee is standing behind her.
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new details on the developing story we brought earlier in the newscast. at a potential scandal and the d.c. police department. >> assistant police chief diane groomes was placed on administrative leave. cynne simpson has the story. >> assistant chief diane groomes
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is very well known at the police department and throughout the streets of d.c. residents say she takes a very hands-on approach to fighting crime, but today she is apologizing, saying that she made a bad choice. tonight, diane groomes is on administrative leave. the allegation? that she compromised and in service training test given annually to the command staff. it is a 50-question test and she is accused of helping out commanders. >> if your police officials are willing to cheat on examinations or tests that have information that is necessary for them to do their job, that should be a real warning call. >> in an email, diane groomes says she is sorry for her actions and bad judgment, but community activists are standing behind her. they say she is one of the most
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committed law enforcement officers are around. >> totally community person, totally gives her time and effort on the police force 24/7. >> she spoke with diane groomes, who was devastated and full of apologies. >> complete shock. she can rest assured we are totally behind her. >> while the department's internal affairs department is investigating, test scores are being thrown out for all the commanders involved and a new test is being developed. we asked the mayor elect vincent gray for his reaction, but he declined to comment. live from northwest, cynne simpson, abc 7 news. 7 on your side with a preview of what will be included in the next version of the popular apple i papad. it will apparently have to
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cameras, one on the front and one on the back. production is expected to begin in february. >> sarah palin takes on everything from american idol to a famous speech by president kennedy in her new book to be released next week, but one topic she avoids, whether she will run for president in 2012. the book comes out tuesday. bristol palin is a finalist on dancing with the stars, and cynne simpson will be live in los angeles for the finale. bowsher live reports next monday -- watch her live reports next monday and tuesday. >> i thought she was dancing in kansas city right now. >> she moves fast. >> coast-to-coast. how about the weekend?
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look at the moon. it isn't it beautiful? tomorrow night, full moon. as we go through november, the full be for moon. all of these names come from early settlers and native americans with what people did buy the light of the full moon. it is amazing how the bright -- it is amazing how bright the moon is. there was a time before the rivers and streams for rose, 42 degrees. tomorrow, the moon rises at 4:00, just a little bit before sunset. 44 degrees, nanjemoy creek elementary school, it will be a chilly morning under the full beaver moon. a high temperature, we were into the 50's.
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as we get into the weekend and next week, look at the temperatures in montana, great falls, one degree. quite a storm system is developing and coming into the pacific northwest. meantime, overnight and during the day tomorrow, the jet stream to the north. it will be under high pressure. as that continues, lots of sunshine the upcoming weekend. that gradually moved off the coast. sunday, the milder air comes in before the storms. clouds next week, tuesday and wednesday. tomorrow, low 60's. delightful november weather. the travel plans, there will be snow around the great lakes. for the big travel day wednesday, 22 degrees fargo. chicago may be on the age. there will be rain showers, but they should not interfere with
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travel. if you are driving up and down i-95, though troubles on wednesday. it clear, bright, cold. tomorrow morning, in the 20's and thursday -- 20's and 30's, rapidly warming. near 60 degrees. we will see the chance of showers later on tuesday, but especially wednesday and i am afraid even thursday, thanksgiving. every once in awhile we have had a white thanksgiving, but not this year. there will be cloudy, probably with showers. it could travel along the east coast for the travel day. -- could travel along the east coast for the travel day wednesday. the target 2 day sale is almost here and the last thing that's going to stop me is weak thighs.
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i'm doing a bit of light calisthenics, to practice for the big target 2 day sale on friday morning. when i'm shopping i feel it right here. some football fans are getting ready for a big game day. check out these green bay packer puppies. they are ready to take a bite out of brett favre and the minnesota vikings this weekend. the last game, the packers beat the vikings. there could be revenge on the line. >> think that is favre right there?
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>> and he went for the ankle. >> watch out for that tomorrow. how about the redskins? they have their hands full with the tennessee titans. the redskins will have another weapon because a star is coming back. and capitals with a night that they would like to forget in atlanta.
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when my husband got sick and couldn't work anymore, it was up to me to support our family. karri danner went back to school, to become a nurse. my education made all the difference but now some in washington want regulations restricting access to career colleges and universities,
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denying opportunity to millions of people like karri, letting government decide who can go to college. it's my education, and my job,. don't let washington get in the way.
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the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. the washington capitals traveled to atlanta, ran into a buzz saw. in the first, the thrashers on the attack. not a good night for the capitals goalie. he stopped the first shot, but the rebound gets knocked home. it 2-0 atlanta. 15 seconds later, the thrashers attacking again. he shoots and scores. the capitals embarrassed by the thrashers, 5-0. the wizards facing the memphis grizzlies. john walsh nursing a sore ankle. -- john wall nursing a sore
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ankle. the wizards of lead. gilbert arenas driving. he misses, but watch this, follow and flesh. the wizards win. the maryland terrapins in the big apple, the coaches vs. cancer tournament. in the second half, sean moseley driving. he makes it count. the terps within eight. later, the terps pricing. illinois has no problem beating the pressure. maryland loses both games in new york, 80-76. georgetown, the semifinals of the charleston classic. wonderful city. behind the arc, knocks it down. georgetown pike 8.
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-- georgetown by eight. georgetown wins their game, 74- 59. in the other semifinal, george mason-north carolina state. second half, hancock, 56-55. mason with the lead. nc state on the move. exploding to the basket. nc state wins. they will play georgetown in the tournament final sunday night. the redskins got good news. clinton portis will play sunday against the tennessee titans. he has missed the past five games with a torn groin muscle. he is ready to go.
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lots of things going on this
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weekend. it will be in the 20's and 30's in the morning. clouds in the afternoon, lots of sunshine. nice day on sunday, a little bit cooler. no major problems on the east coast. >> thank you for joining us. [ male announcer ] washington, d.c.
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